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On Thursday, February 2, 2023, INSA Hauts-de-France organized a conference around women in industry with our partner Renault Electricity.

This conference, dedicated to our female students, was an opportunity for them to come and meet and exchange with Chrystelle Buisset, Julie Mercier, Anne Frédérique Garriou or Diane Ranvier.

On the program:

- Presentation of the Renault Electricity group

- The importance of working on gender diversity within Renault Electricity

- Making the industry more attractive to women

- Giving women a voice

- Testimonials and Q&A

Cette conférence, dédiée à nos étudiantes, a été l'occasion pour elles de venir rencontrer et échanger avec Chrystelle Buisset, Julie Mercier, Anne Frédérique Garriou ou encore Diane Ranvier.

Au programme :

  • Présentation du groupe Renault Electricity
  • L'importance de travailler la mixité au sein de Renault Electricity
  • Rendre l'industrie plus attractive pour les femmes
  • Donner la parole aux femmes
  • Témoignages et questions/réponses

Renault, 3 factories grouped together in a single entity, 5,000 employees, 50 years of history

3 factories grouped into a single entity, 5,000 employees, 50 years of history

  • DOUAI: 10.6 million vehicles
  • MAUBEUGE: 6.1 million vehicles
  • RUITZ: 5.1 million gearboxes

Renault Women @Electricity

On March 8, 2022, Renault is launching "Renault Women @Electricity".

The objective? To work on gender diversity within Renault Electricity

  • Attract mixed talent, retain them and use them to their fullest potential.
  • Improving performance. More and more studies are proving it, diverse teams perform better.

Through this objective, Renault has a real desire to make the industry more attractive

  • Inspire and support women to thrive in the industry
  • Identify the blocking points of gender diversity, exchange on experiences, share good practices
  • Identify current practices and propose actions to go further on gender diversity

Renault Women@Electricity in a few figures

  • 551 women on permanent contracts
  • 4194 permanent employees
  • 13.1% women including 13% female managers
  • Recruitment campaign 2022: 30% women
  • Support functions: 192 women
  • Manufacturing: 359 women

Women in the industry

Les métiers de l'industrie