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[Flashback] The year 2023 of INSA HDF's junior-entreprise : JINNOV

After a two-year mandate dedicated to innovation and success, JINNOV crowned this period by organizing its handover party on June 16. This memorable event was held at the Institut des Mobilités de Transports Durables (IMTD) and brought together a host of enthusiastic guests. The event brought together current and former JINNOV members, representatives of the INSA Hauts-de-France administration, partners and associations associated with INSA Hauts-de-France, as well as other Junior-Enterprises (JE) partners. The handover evening marked the transfer of responsibilities and challenges between the old and new mandates, and was an opportunity to take stock of the past two years


What is JINNOV?

JINNOV, the Junior-Initiative of INSA Hauts-de-France, is much more than just a student association. It's a student-run structure offering future engineers the opportunity to enhance their skills by accompanying them on paid assignments for professionals. This experience enables them to put their theoretical knowledge into practice, develop their technical skills and familiarize themselves with the demands of the professional world.

In collaboration with the Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises (CNJE), JINNOV is committed to the standards of quality and excellence specific to the Junior-Enterprise movement. This close collaboration is not limited to regular audits to assess the quality of assignments, compliance with legal standards and financial management. It also encompasses opportunities for training and exchange at national and regional congresses, enriching our global approach and commitment to the junior movement.

The structure also benefits from the guidance and support of INSA Hauts-de-France's teacher-researchers, as well as the school's infrastructure conducive to innovation and the realization of ambitious projects.

JINNOV stands out for its versatility and expertise in several key areas. Whether in the fields of digitalization, data protection, mechanical engineering or building energetics, the Junior provides its customers with a wide range of skills, notably in the following services:


  • Web development: creation of personalized, functional websites.
  • Mobile development: Design of mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  • IT systems audit: Assessment and optimization of existing technological infrastructures.

Data protection:

  • Audit: Analysis of existing security measures and recommendations for strengthening data protection.
  • Compliance: Assistance with the implementation of regulatory compliance devices (e.g. RGPD).
  • Training: Raising teams' awareness of good data protection practices.

Building energy:

  • Energy audit : Assessment of building energy performance and identification of areas for improvement.
  • Mechanical design : Design and dimensioning of mechanical structures for specific projects.
  • Analytical and numerical modeling of parts: use of modeling tools to simulate and optimize mechanical parts.
  • Prototyping / Additive manufacturing: Production of physical prototypes using 3D printers and additive manufacturing techniques.

The Junior-Initiative thus represents a real asset for INSA Hauts-de-France students, enabling them to stand out on the job market and gain valuable professional experience.


Presentation of the former mandate


Within JINNOV, the structure is organized into different clusters, each headed by a dedicated manager and his or her team of officers. The previous mandate demonstrated its commitment and professionalism through the management of these key poles.

It was made up of a dynamic and committed team led by Théa LOUVRADOUX as President, Robin JOSEPH as Vice-President and Lúka TRICOT as General Secretary. Treasurer Augustin ZAHORKA and vice-treasurer Adja Rokhaya FALL are in charge of the treasury department. Salim KADIRI HASSANI was Communications Manager, Mohann MICHALON was Business Unit Manager, Clara LEROY was Quality Manager, Yohann ELDIN was IT Systems Manager and Wil KOZIOLEK was in charge of Human Resources. Together, they formed a solid team and contributed to JINNOV's success through their dedication and hard work.

Events during the mandate

The old and new mandates have marked their presence with remarkable achievements that testify to their commitment and success. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Launch of commercial activity :

A major milestone for JINNOV was the completion of an initial study for the Université Polytechnique des Hauts-de-France. The aim of this study was to develop an application used when welcoming high school students to UPHF during open days. An initiative that demonstrated UPHF's ability to take up concrete challenges and propose innovative solutions through its speakers. Mn

  • Passage to BFM Business :

A unique opportunity arose for JINNOV during an interview on BFM Business where JINNOV president Théa LOUVRADOUX accompanied by INSA Hauts-de-France director Armel de la BOURDONNAYE in the presence of the show's editorialist Nicolas DOZE. This media exposure enabled Junior to make its achievements and operations known to a wider audience, but more specifically, it was an opportunity to reach new targets, new prospects.

  • The first RFP ( Recrutement Formation Passation ):

As its initials describe, the RFP was a key moment for the former term, marked by a presentation amphitheater for 1st and 3rd years, followed by a week of training for interested students. After this week of intensive training, the candidates who managed to score well on the course were interviewed by the HR Manager and the General Secretary before being offered the positions they wished. This was a major step for JINNOV to complete its workforce and strengthen its expertise.

  • Strategic partnerships:

JINNOV has forged strong links with key partners, notably Metricool, a social network management and online data analysis platform. This partnership has enabled it to develop its communications strategy and position itself as a relevant and innovative junior within the JE movement. JINNOV has also established a collaboration with the Project Management MOOC run by Rémi Bachelet. This is an opportunity for members to train and apply their knowledge through activities specific to the structure.

  • Juniors INSAkatHon and Victory in the call for JEE Projects:

In partnership with EPNAK, JINNOV has successfully organized two editions of Juniors INSAkatHon, an event that puts technological innovation at the service of people with disabilities. This project was recognized and rewarded in the Ministry of Education and Youth's call for projects, Jeunesse Entreprise Engagée (JEE), winning the JEE prize. A victory celebrated at the National Winter Congress, in front of nearly 1,000 Junior-Entrepreneur-euse-s

  • Sales growth:

JINNOV has seen a significant increase in sales, which now stand at €12,550. This financial development is a token of quality showing Junior's efficiency in carrying out paid assignments for its customers and its ability to generate added value through its know-how.

  • Renewal of partnership with EPNAK:

This collaboration enables the junior to strengthen their commitment to the social and professional integration of people with disabilities. By working hand in hand with EPNAK, JINNOV has the opportunity to develop innovative and inclusive projects, aimed at improving the quality of life of the people concerned. This renewed partnership consolidates their position as a committed player in their immediate environment and underlines their willingness to put their skills at the service of causes that count.

  • Brand Pass:

Finally, to crown the work accomplished with success and dedication, JINNOV has succeeded in evolving from Junior-Création to Junior-Initiative following its audit on May 27. Audit-Conseils are organized by the CNJE twice a year for Juniors, to ensure that the structure is properly maintained and developed, and that the legal framework is respected. This rebranding represents a key step in JINNOV's progress, testifying to its ongoing commitment to offering quality services and adapting to the changing needs of its environment.  

A look back at the highlights


Introducing the new mandate

The new mandate takes root with enthusiasm and determination to conquer new horizons while building on the solid foundations established by the previous mandate. Grégoire AUDOLLENT assumes the role of Chairman bringing his leadership and strategic vision. Alexandre BOISFER, as Vice-President, actively contributes to the team's dynamics and external relations. Khalil MZOUGHI acts as General Secretary, ensuring smooth, coordinated administrative management. Augustin ZAHORKA as Treasurer and Adja Rokhaya FALL as Vice-Treasurer ensure rigorous and sustainable financial management to ensure JINNOV's growth.


Nathaniel VENTRELLI takes responsibility for the Business Unit division, applying his project management skills and entrepreneurial spirit to meet customer needs. Yohann ELDIN is in charge of the IT Systems division, ensuring optimum management of technological infrastructures. Wil KOZIOLEK, as Quality Manager, ensures the excellence of the services provided by JINNOV. Audrey FOUQUART, in charge of Human Resources, places the well-being and fulfillment of our members at the heart of her concerns. Fatima CISS, in charge of Communications, reinforces JINNOV's brand image and ensures its visibility on various communication channels. Together, they share a common vision and are committed to propelling JINNOV to new heights, while keeping excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction at the heart of their actions.


The vision of JINNOV's new mandate is to become a key skills development driver within INSA Hauts-de-France, offering an agile and sustainable engineering solution for ambitious companies in the Grand Hainaut region. JINNOV is committed to supporting its customers in the realization of their projects by mobilizing its technical skills and expertise, while promoting innovation and adhering to a responsible approach. JINNOV's ambition is to create synergies between students, teachers and professionals in order to actively contribute to the economic and technological development of the local environment.


These achievements, from both the old and new mandates, are the fruit of hard, collaborative work by a dedicated team. They testify to the vision and ambition of these young Jinnovians to position themselves as key players within their chosen fields. JINNOV's journey is punctuated by successes that have contributed to its growth and development centered on the commitment of each member and their willingness to take on challenges.